New for 2016
The OGA has transitioned to become one of the founding partners of the National Institute on Aging (NIA), located at Ryerson University. The NIA, housed within the Ted Rogers School of Management, is Canada’s first academic based institute to contemplate both the financial and health aspects of successful aging at a national level.  

This new direction was planned by the OGA Board of Directors in collaboration with Ryerson University during the fall of 2015. On January 12th 2016, a consultation and special meeting of OGA members was held to vote on the decision to transition the assets of OGA over to Ryerson University to help establish the NIA.

Re-Think Ageing 2016

Our conference will continue through the NIA as an excellent forum for learning, networking, and sharing through keynote speaker presentations, workshops and concurrent sessions. It will inspire you to build on your work and provide new ways of transforming and shaping the care and services.